Innovacom powers digital startups reshaping our future

For over 30 years, Innovacom has been fueling the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems in digital and deep tech.
As a pivotal part of the often complex french and european start-up community, Innovacom is at the forefront of investing in these technologies that impact our future.

1 billion euros invested

300 financed startups

150 trade sales

12 funds raised and managed

We are proud of our companies

With dedicated investment funds for innovation, Innovacom is deeply involved in emerging digital trends by financing startups from inception to their transformation into successful companies.
From the creation phase to the growth phase, Innovacom equips entrepreneurs with an experienced and collaborative stewardship in industrial, startup and academic circles.
As evidence by our ventures, Innovacom is an active long-term investor that creates significant financial and strategic value for our projects.

You are a startup ?

entrepreneurial point of view

Innovacom’s risk-taking with us was total!

Jean-François Morizur, CEO and Founder

CAILabs in short

creation 2013

location France

stages seed

fundraiser 0 - 10m€

Benjamin has created a personal cloud solution to give everyone control over their digital data.

Benjamin André, Founder and CEO
Cozy Cloud

Cozy Cloud in short

creation 2012

location France

stages seed

fundraiser 0 - 10m€

Pierre dreams of a 100% non-polluting electric vehicle.

Pierre Clasquin, Founder and CEO

G²Mobility in short

creation 2009

location France

stages seed

fundraiser 0 - 10m€

With its unique and disruptive software platform MicroEJ, Fred Rivard has made IS2T the market leader in embedded software for IoT

Fred Rivard, Founder and CEO
Micro EJ

MicroEJ in short

creation 2005

location international

stages early

fundraiser 10+ m€

If we can see better in our brain and treat it better, it’s thanks to Anca, Faycal, Benoît and Cyril, among others, and to the advances in imaging made by Olea Medical.

Anca Miculescu, Co-Founder
Olea Medical

Olea Medical in short

creation 2008

location France

stages early

fundraiser 0 - 10m€