Intersec is software publisher specialising in the design of Big-data collection and analysis solutions for Key Accounts

Intersec is a software publisher specialising in the design of Big-data collection and analysis solutions for major accounts.
With customers such as CISCO, TELEFONICA, or ORANGE, the company which currently employs nearly 160 employees carries out a large part of its activity internationally. Following several fundraising campaigns with Innovacom, the company is pursuing two of its strategic objectives : international development and the penetration of new markets or new vertical businesses.

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Jérôme Faul

Jérôme Faul

managing partner Innovacom

Yann Chevalier and Intersec teams help companies embrace the digital revolution by using their data. Initially they wanted to solve the problem of SMS congestion among telecom operators. They succeeded in multiplying by 1000 the performance of the systems of the time. But they quickly realized that, despite this initial success, they needed to add more growth drivers. They had the intuition that the key was in the Big-Data and its potential to get what Americans call “as-it-happens relevant information” and turn it into “real-time decision-making”. When they turned to us, they had the vision but not yet the road map. The challenge was to take ownership of this vision, understand and support this shift in a market that was promising but still in its infancy in France, but that we knew well thanks to our activity in the United States.

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From our first contacts, we realized that Innovacom was very relevant on the technological aspects. The team was immediately interested in our technologies. They wanted to see customers, product demonstrations, understand how it works. They met the teams internally and observed the maturity of our processes. For them, it was a real gamble but their decision was also the fruit of their experience and their analysis grid. Our relationship with them is regular. By entrusting them with part of our capital, we have welcomed them as partners. They are with us, in good days and bad. Today, we are here to build with them. It is natural to discuss strategic aspects in particular.

Yann Chevalier, Founder and CEO

Yann Chevalier, Founder and CEO

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