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OLEA MEDICAL, designs and markets advanced medical image post processing solutions.

Olea Medical is a medical imaging software company designing innovative imaging post processing solutions significantly improving diagnosis and treatment of some of the most aggressive diseases (strokes, cancers, … ).
The startup, incorporated in 2008 in France, also located in Boston (US), has established a strong credibility through the domestication of cutting edge technology and partnerships with leading medical institutions and industrials worldwide.
After initial suppport from Innovacom, the Company now equips plenty of medical hospitals in the world and was acquired by Toshiba Medical Systems in 2015.

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Vincent Deltrieu

Vincent Deltrieu

partner Innovacom

We arrived in 2012 to accelerate OLEA’s development in a context where its innovations already surprised doctors and radiologists. His scientific approach seemed to us to be a clear break with conventional image analysis methods. Originally designed for a complex organ like the brain, the technology was proven in the emergency treatment of stroke and the diagnosis of brain tumours. The possibility of seeing this technology also being used one day for diagnosis and follow-up on other organs and other pathologies gave us a glimpse of a real advance in the service of patients. It was a realistic bet and we wanted to win it with them. When we met Anca, Fayçal, Benoît and Cyril, we were impressed by their expertise and agility in moving from ideas to action. We were very comfortable with the history and future of the company as they envisioned it. The assistance of software tools to the quality and speed of care on critical pathologies was an intuition that quickly turned into conviction on contact with them. The company then experienced very good growth and established itself as a key player in the field until its acquisition by TOSHIBA MEDICAL at the end of 2015.

Olea Medical speaks

During these years of shared adventure, INNOVACOM’s approach has been deeply respectful. They knew how to bring us a framework and a presence conducive to giving the best of ourselves, which was important for us, a united team, motivated and animated by humanist values. On a daily basis, INNOVACOM has provided us with valuable support in managing our growth with relevant, enlightened and decisive advice. In our sector, while we begin to market products at the earliest at 5 years, and generally after 10 years of development, we have seen rapid development both on the start of our first sales and on the recognition of our know-how by the medical community. INNOVACOM perceived this value and contributed to this success beyond its funding.

Anca Miculescu, Co-Founder

Anca Miculescu, Co-Founder

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