INNOVACOM sets a new record with nearly €60 Million raised by Avenir Numérique, demonstrating the lure of DeepTech for the general public

14 February 2023

press release

Paris, 14th February 2023 – Innovacom, a venture capital pioneer in France, has successfully finalised the Avenir Numérique 3 fund-raising initiative. For this new series, the French Innovation Fund (Fonds Commun de Placement dans l’Innovation or FCPI), which targets the general public, has set a new record with nearly €21 million in subscriptions. This momentum, enhanced by mounting enthusiasm for investing in industry, strengthens Innovacom’s ability to ensure steady financing. 

Dedicated to supporting innovative tech start-ups that stand out as trailblazers in the environmental, digital and industrial transition, Innovacom has brought the total funding capacity of the Avenir Numérique series to nearly €60 million.

Launched in 2019, Avenir Numérique purchases minority stakes in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at all growth stages, supporting companies in the context of venture capital and innovative growth capital transactions.
Innovacom focusses particularly on industry-centred projects that aspire to tackle environmental and societal challenges such as the energy transition or development of the circular economy, as well as fostering the rise of industry 4.0.
With Avenir Numérique, Innovacom also invests in diverse forward-looking sectors including NewSpace and artificial intelligence.

“We have been observing a persistent dynamic for several years now:  the amount raised has once again exceeded the previous round, and the average subscription rate is up 10%, which is a very positive signal for the deep-tech sector,
insisted Jérôme Faul, Chairman of Innovacom’s Management Board.
This achievement points to growing interest among the general public for industrial matters, with citizens putting their savings to work to support the entrepreneurs behind these innovations essential for our country.
This new subscription brings the funding capacity of Avenir Numérique to €60 million while enabling Innovacom to intensify its action, ensuring the stable and reliable funding necessary to guide our investees in every step of their development

Private clients have thus far contributed to financing 15 innovative companies through Avenir Numérique.
The funds raised among the general public make it possible to carry out varied high-impact investments, as can be seen in operations such as Diabeloop (artificial pancreas), Exotrail (space mobility and logistics – see photo), Retrofleet (electric conversion of commercial vehicles) and SustainCERT (carbon credit certification).


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