CAILabs, specialist in the manipulation of light shapes

Created in June 2013, spin-off of the Kastler Brossel Laboratory, CAILabs has developed an innovative technology for processing light beams. Since 2014, it has been marketing innovative products that increase the throughput of optical fibres.
In 2015, the Japanese operator KDDI set the world record for optical fibre throughput using CAILabs components, and in 2016 the AROONA solution for LAN optical fibres won numerous innovation awards, including the Huawei Digital-In-Pulse prize.
The solutions designed and developed by CAILabs have the potential to reach many other industrial sectors such as aeronautics or additive manufacturing with dedicated applications.

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Frédéric Humbert

Frédéric Humbert

partner Innovacom

Based on quantum optics research, Jean-François, Guillaume, Nicolas and their teams have developed a solution that multiplies by 10 the data flow transported in new generation optical fibers. What seduced us was the meeting between the fundamental physics of quantum systems, industry in general and the telecommunications sector in particular. For what? Because this is a major moment: global Internet traffic is increasing by around 22% every year. We are facing an explosion in the demand for digital content and the need for bandwidth. CAILabs’ flagship solution makes it possible to meet these challenges while guaranteeing the sustainability of infrastructures. More broadly, CAILabs really corresponds to the type of “tough techs” we want to push, those capable of solving major industrial problems.

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Innovacom’s risk-taking with us was total! Today the prospects are positive but when they accepted to accompany us, our fundamental research project was totally new, really far from the fashionable high-tech trends. In addition, our offer still needed to be developed. Their support has been total and has gone far beyond mere financial involvement. They have been present at every stage of development, accompanying us in anticipating market developments with a real talent for identifying and mobilising potentially interested industrial networks. They push us to step back, ask ourselves the right questions and go further. Their extensive experience of the different stages of a company’s life and its challenges, combined with their proven technical skills make a real difference.

Jean-François Morizur, CEO and Founder

Jean-François Morizur, CEO and Founder

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