G2mobility, smart charging solutions for electric vehicles

G²mobility designs, develops and markets complete smart charging solutions essential for the development of the electric car and therefore of non-polluting mobility. The management team found Innovacom not only the financial support they needed at a key stage but also a convergence of views on market developments and the transition to green growth.
Innovacom sold its stake in 2017 to an industrial acquirer.

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Jérôme Faul

Jérôme Faul

managing partner Innovacom

We were faced with an intelligent team with a complete technological solution, but what seduced us was their long-term vision: not only had they positioned themselves on an inevitable market but they had done so by successfully tackling one of the weak points of electric cars: the ability to recharge at the right time, i.e. when electricity is the cheapest and least carbon-intensive. Building on this shared vision, our collaboration has enabled the industrialization of their solutions and their deployment in a broader market.

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know how long the commercial take-off would take despite the best business plan! But we were convinced that energy and transport would soon experience their Internet revolution. At Innovacom we found partners who were looking in the same direction. Two parameters of their support were decisive for us. The first is their ability to be part of a medium/long-term vision that escapes the temptation to remain on market potential in the moment: very few funds currently support long cycles. The second is their ability to understand the technological issues underlying our dossier, particularly the issue of the convergence of different IT components (information systems, smart grid, embedded software, etc.). It is because they really took hold of these technical aspects that they understood the value of the project and were able to find the relevant connections with their environment and make them grow. This was the case with Orange, with whom we have developed several partnerships, or Alcatel/Nokia. Finally, they have contributed greatly to the development of the company’s development strategy.

Pierre Clasquin, Founder and CEO

Pierre Clasquin, Founder and CEO

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