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Cozy Cloud, personal data management platform

Cozy Cloud is developing a personal data management platform and related services to access it.
In a context of the emergence of alternate digital movement, Cozy Cloud intends to become “the” reference for personal cloud solutions, and is not afraid, on its website, to position itself against its competitors.
Beyond that, the startup is deployed with major accounts : insurance companies, banks, energy companies and telecommunications operators.

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the story

Jérôme Faul

Jérôme Faul

managing partner Innovacom

When Benjamin André came to us with his open source platform project revolutionizing personal data management, we appreciated the real added value of his solution. By allowing individuals to manage their own server to process, synchronize and host their data from all terminals including connected objects, Cozy Cloud offer them a true digital home. They give them back control over this data scattered among the various social networks, messaging and other services offered by GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple). We also understood that this was a substantive project, that resources and time were needed to carry it out, as well as support beyond the financial contribution. We also needed a strong and determined team, who supported and matured their project for a year, before we made a full commitment.

Cozy Cloud speaks

If we had to work hard to convince Innovacom of the relevance of our idea, we gained a particularly effective third party trust. They offer an outside look, but not as interested as a consultant might be. And their skills cover administrative, business and strategic aspects. Beyond their understanding of the technological stakes, it is their profound knowledge of the creation of companies, the life cycles of a company and the needs that can have a company in the structuring phase like ours, which was determining. Their opinion was particularly decisive in recruiting Tristan Nitot (former president of Mozilla Europe) to the position of Chief Product Officer. Innovacom thus brought us above all a lot of serenity, by showing a true respect for the team in place and its autonomy.

Benjamin André, Founder and CEO

Benjamin André, Founder and CEO

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