Jérôme Faul

managing partner

Jérôme Faul

in short

  • 1986

    École Polytechnique

  • 1989

    Télécom Paris Tech

  • Previous

    France Télécom

  • Also

    Co-founder and General Manager of Algety, General Manager of Corvis-Algety.

  • Current

    Innovacom since 2011

  • Success stories

    G2 Mobility

  • Board-member

    Cozy Cloud, Intersec, Plisch, Silkan.

the story

Silicon Valley startupper during the 1990s, went by research and development and then by entrepreneurship and operational management before choosing Venture Capital.

At the time when I was studying at Polytechnique and then at Telecom Paris, never would I have thought that I would become VC. Entrepreneur, yes, and this is one of the most rewarding phases of my career.
The Venture Capital arrived then almost as an obvious: constantly exchanging with innovative teams in the most varied fields is my greatest pleasure in this business.

The teams we support share one common trait: great technical competence and a humble will to pursue.


Which are the three breakthrough innovations I would like to be a part of in the medium / long term?

Considerable progress on the frontiers of different fields such as medicine and digital; a spacecraft for the general public; technologies to preserve our natural resources

What does risk mean to me?

The risk is to stand still.

My favorite quote

« We are humans and our nature is to fly »


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