Cozy Cloud announces the general availability of its Personal Cloud solution, a new horizon for the Cloud

25 January 2018

Cozy Cloud offers personal storage space in the Cloud, combined with applications and connectors to help consumers to get the digital life back, while making it simpler and better.

Paris, January 25th, 2018 – Cozy Cloud announces today the availability to the general public of its Cozy product, offered with a freemium approach.

Cozy Cloud’s mission is ambitious: to enable everyone to get more value of his personal data by getting it back.

1 – Cozy is the first digital personal home on the market. It offers on-line storage space which is decentralized and secure, combined with connectors to retrieve personal data (photos, bank statements, utility bills…) stored by third parties. This private storage space is accessible from any device. On top of storage, users can rely on easy-to-use applications that help manage, find and neatly store data automatically.

2 – Cozy Cloud’s mission is about new digital ethics. While the big Internet platforms gather more and more personal data, Cozy is for consumer a way to take back control with an open-source, self-hostable solution that protects his data.

3 – The non-digital organizations need a new paradigm before they end up “uberized”. The Cozy platform offers to brick and mortar companies a new way to conduct business, out of reach from the large Internet platforms, to have meaningful interactions with consumers. As the GDPR is approaching fast, this enables businesses to reinvent customer relationship on a new base, by building innovating services built with the privacy-by-design approach.

Cozy, a freemium approach.

Using Cozy is free:

  • Cozy space hosted by Cozy Cloud: free for ever.
  • Self-hosted Cozy instance:

Free Optional fees to cover additional disk space:

  • 50 GB: 2€99 per month
  • 1000 GB: 9€99 per month

about Cozy Cloud

Cozy Cloud is developing a personal data management platform and related services to access it. In a context of the emergence of alternate digital movement, Cozy Cloud intends to become “the” reference for personal cloud solutions, and is not afraid, on its website, to position itself against its competitors. Beyond that, the startup is deployed with major accounts: insurance companies, banks, energy companies and telecommunications operators.