INNOVACOM invests in SAMP, the deep-tech start-up devoted to faciliting sustainable transformation of industrial sites

13 October 2022

press release

Paris, 13 October 2022 – Innovacom, a venture capital pioneer in France, is acquiring an equity stake in SAMP. The start-up has developed a patented Artificial Intelligence and 3D streaming technology making it possible to create a true-to-life digital twin of industrial sites. This €4 million funding round, which has also attracted  ENGIE New Ventures and High-Tech Gründerfonds, is intended to help the company accelerate its growth.

Dedicated to supporting innovative tech start-ups that stand out as trailblazers in the environmental, economic and industrial transition, Innovacom is acquiring an equity stake in SAMP, via its technocom3 seed fund, in the context of a €4 million funding round. The DeepTech start-up is developing an innovative digital twin solution for industrial sites such as thermal power plants, chemical factories and water treatment plants.

Founded in 2020 within the Station F incubator in Paris, SAMP is rooted in the robust and complementary industrial experience of a CEO and a COO boasting more than 25 years of combined experience working with operators, equipment manufacturers and industrial service companies, coupled with in-depth expertise in Deep Learning and 3D technologies: the team boasts three PhDs and eight patents in these fields.

The technology developed by SAMP offers industry players the advantage of reliable and contextualised 3D data thanks to a digital twin. This innovation promises to revolutionise the implementation of transformation projects in major industrial sites. Thanks to this smart 3D model, designed for intuitive operation by various departments, it becomes possible to plan and execute industrial initiatives – e.g. repairs – based no longer on mere hypotheses, but real-life data. Industrial asset management, predictive maintenance and performance monitoring are just some of the key applications of this ground-breaking technology.

SAMP’s solution thus makes it possible to reduce the time needed to prepare, execute and capture any on-site operation, while also enhancing the reliability and security of industrial settings. SAMP has already rolled out its technology to major energy and water groups including ENGIE, Suez, Téréga and Trapil.

“We were impressed by SAMP’s solution, thanks to which industrial sites can take advantage of an information modelling system with costs, lead times and levels of complexity that reflect the reality of industrial environments. This innovation stands out as a major asset for the environmental and energy transitions, which inevitably call for rapid modernisation of existing industrial facilities. The ongoing digital transition in the industrial ecosystem is a major issue and stands out as a key focus of our investment policy”, explained Benjamin Wainstain, Partner at Innovacom.

Laurent Bougouin, CEO of SAMP, added, “Our ‘Shared Reality’ solution is a catalyst that serves to increase the pace and reliability of initiatives to transform these sites with a view to more sustainable production. We aim to become the indispensable solution, enabling industrial players to rise to today’s monumental challenges in terms of security, resilience and the environment. This fundraising initiative with a leading partner like Innovacom will be instrumental in accelerating our technical and commercial roadmap, thanks to their solid expertise at the crossroads of industry and DeepTech”.  



about Samp

SAMP is a deeptech startup that automates the creation and update of an intelligent 3D model of an industrial installation based on the only reliable source of information: the field.
Its SaaS platform transforms simple laser scans into a real “Digital Twin” enriched with business data, so that it becomes a technical collaborative platform where work is planned and executed based on facts and not assumptions.
SAMP aims to respond to the technological delay accumulated by the industry in terms of digital transformation in a context of environmental emergency.