Exagan distinguished during the Septuors de Haute-Garonne 2019

6 May 2019

Organized by the Groupe Dépêche du Midi in partnership with the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce, it rewards each year the most innovative and efficient companies in Haute-Garonne.

Eric Moreau and Frédéric Dupont were rewarded by Daniel Flého of Previfrance

This 14th ceremony was placed under the patronage of Paul-François Fournier, Executive Director in charge of innovation at BPI France. He spoke alongside Alain Di Crescenzo, President of CCI Occitanie on the theme: “Innovation, an essential lever for growth”. The two decision-makers shared their views on innovation, which has already become the most valuable asset for companies. Innovation is not limited to technology but also covers other fields such as financial, social, commercial and managerial innovation. The evening ended with a networking cocktail, another ingredient of business success!

In the “Industry” category, Exagan, an innovative SME based in Labège near Toulouse and Grenoble, was rewarded for its discovery that will revolutionize consumer and professional electronics. By using GaN, or gallium nitride, a material ten times more efficient than silicon, Exagan will manufacture converters such as telephone chargers, laptops or vehicles much more efficiently. The SME was confused by Fabrice Letertre and Frédéric Dupont thanks to a spin-off of Soitec and the CEA. Specialized in the field of extremely efficient power electronic transistors, Exagan will miniaturize them while making them more energy efficient. “We are at the heart of the energy transition because our innovative technologies will halve the energy losses of these electrical appliances,” explains Frédéric Dupont. After having established its technology and then its industrial tool, Exagan launched its first products on the market in 2018, mainly composed of Asian manufacturers of chargers for PCs and Data Center power supplies.


about Exagan

Exagan is a power electronics components manufacturer responding to leading power electronics end users requests in the field of automotive, solar and IT electronics industries. Based on unrivalled and patented GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, Exagan’s products cover a large range of applications. More onboard power in a smaller space for Automotive vehicles, miniaturized inverters in Solar industry, high efficiency power supplies in IT Electronics, … Supported by Innovacom from seed stage, Exagan ambitions to revolution the efficiency and the size of power electronics materials.