AVIWEST and B <> COM join forces for the joint development of tomorrow’s video broadcasting systems.

6 July 2018

To work on new low-bitrate, low-latency video compression systems, AVIWEST, a Breton small business that’s world-renowned in the field of video transmission, has joined b<>com.
SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — June 28, 2018 — Founded in 2008 and based in Saint-Grégoire in Ille-et-Vilaine, Aviwest is a world leader in the broadcast sector. The video solutions developed by AVIWEST, which enable the transmission of live images via 3G/4G cellular networks, are distributed in over 120 countries worldwide.

The teams at b<>com and AVIWEST will work together in Rennes starting this summer. An employee of AVIWEST will join b<>com’s New Media Formats lab in order to work on new low-bitrate, low-latency video compression systems. This collaboration will make it possible to incorporate these new technology bricks into AVIWEST’s current product lines and explore the innovation possibilities offered by b<>com’s 5G experiment platform, particularly for developing new video transmission systems.

“ We are proud and delighted to count the company AVIWEST among our members. It’s a world leader in contributing and broadcasting high-quality video content. Its products are very successful. Besides these areas of excellence, we will work together on the opportunities offered by 5G networks. This is a new example of how our skills have broad applications and how b<>com’s efforts to offer its members the latest experimental platforms are coming together.

Bertrand Guilbaud CEO of b<>com
“ We’ve always been working on developing high added-value solutions adapted to our clients’ practices. We must keep innovating and incorporating the latest technologies into our products. Collaborating with b<>com enables us to anticipate our clients’ future needs and preserve our technological and competitive advantage.

Erwan Gasc CEO of AVIWEST

about Aviwest

AVIWEST is a world leading provider of live and recorded video contribution systems over bonded unmanaged IP networks such as cellular, WiFi, satellite, or public internet. AVIWEST’s products and solutions offer the best live video quality, latency, power consumption, weight and size compromises for any portable & on-the-move, in-vehicle or fixed location contribution application. The Company is headquartered in France with operations abroad supporting broadcasters, video professionals across 200 countries.