Vibration sensors specialist

Wormsensing develops and produces a new generation of ultra-sensitive flexible vibration sensors that are unique in the world of vibration measurement, enabling diverse and innovative applications.
Spin-off of CEA-LETI, Wormsensing was created in 2020 by Jean-Sébastien Moulet and Lamine Benaissa, two engineers and entrepreneurs with a strong experience in the semiconductor industry.
The company quickly built a team of experts to develop vibration sensors combining high sensitivity (improved by a factor of 1000), zero energy consumption (passive technology) and a remarkable integration capacity suitable for all types of media and environments. This unique offer will not only facilitate and multiply the use of vibration measurement, currently limited to a population of experts, but also broaden the scope of use to applications for which the cost, integration and performance of the sensors were previously an obstacle to development.
This innovative technology addresses different market segments and concerns all industries, including : aerospace, automotive, transportation, energy, manufacturing, robotics and healthcare.

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