In 2013, we met three brilliant researchers who had come up with a unique solution but whose offering was still in its infancy. Our financial and human support aims to transform a technology derived from fundamental research into a key component of future communications networks.


CAILabs, specialises in manipulating forms of light for optic fibre communications

Founded in 2013
Invested in 2013

Founders : Jean-François Morizur, Guillaume Labroille et Nicolas Treps

Fundraising : 1er investisseur en amorçage en 2013, 8M€ levés au total depuis
Fund : Technocom2

Jérôme (Innovacom): starting from research into quantum optics Jean-François, Guillaume, Nicolas and their teams developed a solution that would multiply fibre-optic speeds 400 times. What won us over was the blend of fundamental physics, general industrial techniques and the focus on the telecoms sector. Why? Because this approach and the innovation flowing from it looked like part of the answer to a key question facing tomorrow’s networks: how to cope with the upcoming explosion in internet traffic and demand for digital content. More broadly, CAILabs looked like a perfect fit for the “deep-tech” profile we wanted to take forward – firms that can solve major industrial problems.

Jean-François (CAILabs): Innovacom was willing to share 100% of our risk. Today, our prospects look great but when they first came on board our fundamental research project was radically new, a big departure from the then-fashionable high-tech approaches. What is more, our offering needed further work. They backed us to the hilt and not just financially. They stayed with us through every stage of development and helped us anticipate market developments with an impressive talent for identifying and mobilising networks of industrial firms who might be interested in what we were doing. They pushed us to take a step back, asked the right questions and then pressed on. Their ample experience in the different stages of a company’s life and the issues they raise, plus their technical competence makes a real difference.

CAILabs technology is now recognised by telecoms giants like Huawei, IBM, Nokia and KDDI. It is also up and running local networks in factories, companies, university campuses, hospitals and other sites and attracting interest from other industries such as aerospace and additive manufacturing. We share Jean-François Morizur’s conviction that this technology will eventually break out into a range of sectors beyond telecoms.