Céline Goncalves

communication manager

Céline Goncalves

in short

  • Studies

    Université de Reims de Droit et de Science Politique et Académie Diplomatique Internationale de Paris.

  • Previous

    Habitat, IFOC, BPI.

  • Current

    Innovacom since 2002.

the story

Trained in international law, diplomacy and the media, proves that the Law leads to everything when you know how to take the turns, that bringing innovation offers emotional challenges charged with emotions.

I do not regret the career of a lawyer that was waiting for me. Who participated in fundraising, who knows the diversity of profiles that we meet in the Venture Capital, who has tasted the diversity and the intensity of the meetings that we do there, knows that we can not do without them.

The simplicity and humility of the bearers of brilliant ideas is the most amazing. But it is the cohesion, almost the symbiosis of energies that focus on the creation of value, his delivery, that make exciting days that are never alike.


Which are the three breakthrough innovations I would like to be a part of in the medium / long term?

Innovations linked to medicine, all kind of progress related to health; technologies improving our quality of life and saving us time overall.

What does risk mean to me?

To do nothing, not being able to evolve in a rapidly changing world.

My favorite quote

«Even the simple shepherd modestly watching his sheep under the stars would discover, once he understood the part he was playing, that he was something more than a servant, that he was a sentinel. And each sentinel among men is responsible for the whole of the empire»


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