In 2008, Owlient could pick from a range of financing options to fund the international expansion of their game range. But founders Vincent Guth and Olivier Issaly particularly wanted support and expertise to professionalise their operation.



Owlient writes software for online video games.

Founded in 2005
Founders : Vincent Guth et Olivier Issaly.

Fundraising : Mai 2008/ 3M€.
Fund : Innovacom6
Acquired by Ubisoft in 2011

Jérôme Lecoeur (Innovacom): when we first met, Vincent and Olivier were two brilliant students able to create genuinely innovative player experiences. But they lacked the network and the credibility of experienced professionals they needed to grow and expand abroad. Innovacom’s experience was a timely source of support for this venture. We put in our experience in company management and helped Owlient’s managers better structure their day-to-day working. Working on a business model of free-to-play plus optional paid-for content the company grew spectacularly and smoothly for three years before being bought out in 2011 by Ubisoft, one of the world’s leading game publishers.

Olivier Issaly (ex-Chairman and CEO of Owlient): Innovacom’s role was important in 2008 and 2009, particularly at the beginning. By proposing processes and a structural framework they helped us professionalise our management and thinking and better prepare our decisions so that we could later present them effectively.

In this period of fast growth when our headcount jumped from 20 to 50 people, the presence of Jérôme Lecoeur, Chairman of Innovacom’s Management Board, was a critical factor. He handled all occasions of potential conflict with great good judgement. He encouraged us to ask ourselves the right questions. For him, finding a consensus among Owlient’s founders was always the basic priority. This support for the founders was one of their great strengths.


Now working for Ubisoft, Owlient’s two founders already have new ventures under way. These include the development of MyAtlas, a travel-blog platform where you can post accounts of your journeys and share them with your friends or other travellers.