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The world’s largest micro-optics supplier

The world’s largest micro-optics supplier

Heptagon is a micro-optical modules and systems manufacturer for the consumer electronics. The Company designs, masters and manufactures integrated cameras, various lenses, lights, optical and 3D sensors for mass production applications ranging from Smartphone to Smart Home and Wearables markets. Innovacom started to support Heptagon in 2003 as one of the first investors when the Company demonstrated a first wafer level lens prototype in a very early stage. The Company then became the provider of important phone manufacturers and established over several countries and continents between Zurich and Singapore. Heptagon has known a steady growth from 2009 to 2017 reaching more than 1000 employees worldwide and more than 1 Billions units components shipped. It ultimately gained the « Unicorn » status when it merged in late 2016 with ams AG a world leading Austrian Sensor manufacturer listed on the Swiss stock exchange (AMS : SWX).

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