AVIWEST permet la couverture en direct des élections en Polynésie française

22 juin 2018

AVIWEST permet aux télédiffuseurs d’offrir la couverture en direct des élections en Polynésie française en duplex intégral pour la première fois

Using AVIWEST PRO180-RA Transmitter Units, TNTV and Première Broadcast Live Election Footage With Greater Efficiency and Simplicity.

SAINT-GRÉGOIRE, France — June 22, 2018 — AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that TNTV and Première, the two public Polynesian TV broadcasters, deployed several AVIWEST PRO180-RA bonded cellular uplink systems and StreamHub transceivers for coverage of the recent regional elections. With the assistance of DirecTahiti, a production agency, and using a large range of AVIWEST remote field units, the broadcasters successfully delivered live HD videos over the Internet and to televisions over 3G/4G cellular networks with minimal delay.

“ Our goal was to follow the voting process as closely as possible, and reliably transmit results in real time. The AVIWEST solution offered us an affordable and simple way to stream live high-quality videos successfully from any location across the archipelago, even on cellular networks. Adding digital mobile newsgathering equipment to our arsenal allowed us to deliver dynamic full duplex programs to viewers, a Polynesian premiere!

Jeff Aubruchet CEO and CTO at DirecTahiti

Thanks to AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, the broadcasters’ remote journalists were able to transmit live videos over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections using PRO180-RA field units without having to worry about network conditions. All of the incoming streams were managed by the StreamHub transceiver platform, allowing the broadcasters to provide viewers with real-time updates and keep them informed about the election results.

The StreamHub transceiver enabled DirecTahiti to receive and decode all incoming streams delivered from all PRO180-RA field units. It features an intuitive web user interface that optimizes the monitoring of the video transmissions with a large panel of capabilities, such as video thumbnails, statistics, dynamic bit rate, latency control and SIP-based IFB application.

The versatility of the AVIWEST video uplink systems and their reliable connections to the StreamHub platform improved DirecTahiti’s election coverage.

“ For important events such as regional elections, many broadcasters need to expand their transmission capabilities. For these situations, they can easily rent transmitter units and cloud-based StreamHub transceivers to broadcast the high quality that AVIWEST is known for. This is exactly what TNTV and Première did, in addition to relying on our professional services and our global partners network.

Frédéric Parbey APAC sales director at AVIWEST

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