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Innovacom is an active early stage investor since its creation in 1988 in France
where it pioneered venture capital industry. Working with some of the brightest
minds in the business, focused on delivering new technologies, hardware and
software products, services and contents to corporations or consumers, Innovacom
has invested more than 1 billion euros, managed 8 venture capital funds, helped
more than 300 ground breaking digital companies launch and grow internationally
while exiting more than 100 portfolio companies through trade sales or IPOs.
Through its seed and early stage venture capital funds Innovacom 6 and
Technocom 2, Innovacom’s current investments portfolios include promising
companies in numerous sectors of the digital economy such as 21Net, AirLynx,
Aryballe Tech, CAILabs, Cozy Cloud, Exagan, Feeligreen, Intersec, MicroEJ, I-Ten,
Matrixx Software, Predicsis and Robart.